Turf Laying Services Near Me

Turf is a very popular product if you want to have your perfect lawn in no time.

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Did you know that not all turf is the same? There are different types of turf that are suitable for different environments and uses. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider how the new lawn will be used in the short term and in the future. You will need to look for hard-wearing turf if kids or pets will be playing around in the garden, or if there are lots of family gatherings planned on your outdoor lawn. You will need a special type of turf if your lawn is going to be used for certain sports activities, such as golf.

Different types of turf:

  • Fine Turf – this neat and velvety turf is commonly found on golf courses, bowling greens, as well as in ornamental lawns. Its small, slender grass blades intertwine to soften the grass to make it look smooth and textured. They look great and do a great job, but they need professional, regular care and are quite costly.
  • Traditional Lawn Turf – this turf is the most popular for gardens and play areas. From a distance, you can see a delightfully composed dark green meadow. If you look closely, you will see fine and slightly wide leaves. Traditional turf has very flexible maintenance requirements.
  • Turf for shaded areas – this turf looks paler than traditional turf and closely looking you can see that all blades of grass mostly look the same. This turf requires relatively low maintenance as it grows slowly and doesn’t need mowing that often.
  • Artificial Turf – this turf is made of synthetic fibres that imitate the look and feel of natural grass. It requires low maintenance as there is no need for watering or mowing and it is available in various styles and heights. This turf can be installed not only in gardens but indoors or on rooftops as well!