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Whether you have a small backyard in an urban area or a large garden in the countryside, creating an outdoor oasis requires thoughtful landscape design.

Customscape is known for high-quality work and excellent customer service, we can perform any landscaping task you require, would it be a garden design or patios, you name it we can do it.

If you are planning to transform your garden, you need to know the difference and a few key things about soft and hard landscaping:

Soft Landscaping

Soft landscape elements bring your garden to life and add much-needed vitality. These elements give a very decorative addition to the look. In other words, it’s the plants that make the landscape complete. The term soft landscaping refers to trees, shrubs, grass, mulch, soil, etc. and goes hand in hand with hard landscape elements. For example, you can create a planter that will become part of a hard landscape. Flowers and soil will form the soft elements of the landscape.

Hard landscaping

Hard landscaping refers to structures made of solid materials to create architectural elements in outdoor space, for example, paths, fences, gates, patios and paving, decking, planters and also fountains and permanent garden furniture. These elements can be either natural or artificial.

The balance between soft and hard landscape elements is vital to creating a comfortable, stable and functional environment.

Redesigning your garden space is an exciting project that will require some planning ahead. Would you like to have a place to sit, rest, entertain or let the children play? Or maybe there are some pets to consider? Sometimes people are just looking for a design that brings more colour and variety to the garden and can be easy to maintain. We know that it might be confusing at the beginning as there are so many choices available, but Customscape will help you with great ideas and the best suitable options for your garden (and your budget).

Wide range of services available

  • Paving
  • Patio Slabs
  • Shed base
  • Fencing
  • Gate installation
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Artificial grass
  • Flower beds
  • Garden design