Concrete shed base, fencing installation, underground ducting.

Why use underground ducting?

Underground ducting keeps individuals safe and secures fundamental utilities that numerous local and business structures depend on for smooth running. Organisations like power, water, gas, web and telephone lines would all be covered underground, so, fundamentally, they are protected.

Who we are and how do we install underground ducting?

We are professionals with years of experience in this kind of project which ensure correct installation and compliance with current law and regulations; In our example below we excavated to a depth of 700mm, and then sand was used at the bottom of the trench later ducting was laid, we covered with 100mm of sand, yellow warning tape goes on top of it, all buried with existing and new topsoil everything compacted for a final exceptional finish.

How long does it take to install underground ducting?

It all depends on how difficult it is access to your garden. This particular example took us 6 hours.

The same day we poured a concrete shed base which we can see on the pictures.