Artificial Grass Installers Near Me

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Why choose artificial grass?

Many garden owners are increasingly looking to switch from natural to artificial grass, and you know why that is? Because the use of artificial grass has many advantages. Only think about it – how many hours and money is spent to maintain natural grass, watering it, mowing, buying grass seeds and using fertilizers. The best thing about artificial grass is that all of it is not required.   

For example, its special design provides excellent resistance to rain and other moisture. Artificial grass requires low maintenance, it is a fuss-free alternative with no need for watering or mowing. And it’s suitable if you have children or pets using the outdoor area as it is environmentally friendly.

Few more facts about artificial grass:

  • Artificial grass is made very similar to a carpet, in other words, artificial grass can be thought of as an outdoor carpet through which water can flow. The term used in artificial grass is explained in carpet measurements.  For example, the pile height is the length of the grass from the backing to the surface and there are various pile heights and weights available to suit everyone’s needs. Shorter pile heights are used to create a more professional look while longer pile heights are great for gardens and playgrounds.
  • There is a wide variety of artificial grass available and there is no need to think that it will look fake. Modern high-quality artificial grass will give the impression of real, well-maintained grass as the advances in technology and manufacturing processes mean that there are many options to choose from when opting for artificial turf.
  • Artificial grass is very often used in sports pitches and yet, watching a sports event, you haven’t noticed that it is not natural grass.

There are more and more garden owners that choose artificial grass, and why not, if it requires little maintenance and keeps the grass green all year round?

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