10 benefits of external tiles or garden tiles

The Strength

Compering thickness of a standard indoor tile external porcelain is robust and hard-wearing.

Stain Resistant

Garden Porcelain tiles are non-porous and therefore resistant to staining.

Calibrated & Rectified

Most of the tiles we offer are straight and even edges, which allows us to create narrow grout joints for a neat and perfect finish. The thickness is even; therefore, installation is easier.

Frost Proof

They are made of impermeable material; hence tiles do not absorb moisture, and they are 100% frostproof.

Resistant To Moss & Mould

Have you got a problem with slippery slabs, especially over the winter? With external porcelain slabs it is much easier to keep them clean and moss, mould and algae-free.


Garden tiles have Anti-slip surfaces and can be used on patios, balconies, terraces, steps, pathways and if you wish around swimming pools.

Scratch Resistant

They are made of solid scratch-resistant material stronger than natural stone or concrete.

High Load-Bearing Strength

The dense porcelain has impressive compressive strength and can be used for your driveway.

Wide Array of Designs

Garden porcelain tiles are accessible in a huge scope of sizes, shadings and styles including wood, stone and solid impact.

Low Maintenance

Staggeringly simple to live with A colossal advantage of porcelain tiles is that they need little maintenance to keep them attractive looking.